How to buy the Best Farming Equipment like Agrison Tractors Today?

Agrison Tractors

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If you are planning to buy the most pivotal farming equipment, tractors, then it is best to purchase a brand new one as the used or second hand products may not just be the best decision you can make for your individual farming needs. There are a number of reasons that will surprise in this concern. In retrospect, if you are purchasing items which are new may actually save a lot of your money. The decision of course needs to be yours, however, following considerations must be considered first and foremost.

  • Price that matches your Budget

Among the most prominent reasons why one considers purchasing new equipment a better decision as suppose to buying used is because it has become a lot easier and pocket friendly now. For instance, if you want to buy a $40,000 tractor, it is easier to finance the purchase in order to make payments in installments or over a period of time, rather than paying the entire cost up front. Financing a new purchase is simpler in comparison to arranging for a loan for older items. Trust Agrison tractor reviews to make the most of your purchase. This is a significant factor for people in need of gear on the ground before payroll commences.

  • Lower expense on repairs

You are solely responsible to maintain your tractors and other systems. If you buy a buy a second hand owned system, you don’t know how the previous owner’s quality of maintenance, whether it was properly cared for or not. If not, then it could be in worse condition than you may think. However, if you buy a new item instead, you will make sure to handle its maintenance and upkeep. Therefore, you will reduce the risk of necessary repairs. In addition, new items come with airtight paperwork with respect to warranties which will cover normal wear and tear.

  • Cater Your Needs

A key advantage to purchase of new tractor is that you get exactly what you need. Instead of having to settle for the used farm equipment, buy the latest model and version with the tools to accessorize your need. This may assist you to get the job done quicker, better, and more effectively. You have the option for selecting models with fuel-economy, which are not as readily available in older versions.

The conclusion is that purchasing second hand or previously owned farming items may seem like a better decision, however not a good choice in retrospect.


A ‘Brilliant’ Machine for Moe Hobby Farmer

Agrison Tractors

February 23, 2014 | Posted in News | By

MOE hobby farmer Joe Farrugia purchased an Agrison 45 horsepower Ultra G3 in 2012, and after 18 months of use, feels he owns a ‘brilliant’ machine.

Equipped with a backhoe and four-in-one bucket, Mr Farrugia uses the 45hp tractor to remove tree stumps, slash and cultivate.

“It’s an excellent machine for its cost – the value you get for your money is perfect,” Mr Farrugia said.

“I saw Agrison on the internet, so I went in and spent a bit of time there having a look, and took  the 45hp for a drive – I got back to them in a week later and bought it”.

Mr Farrugia described the in-store and after-sales assistance as impressive.

“The service was the best I have had when buying a tractor – it’s great value for money spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another tractor from Agrison”.




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Since purchasing an Agrison 75hp tractor to carry out his daily property maintenance activities, hobby farmer Marcus has not looked back.

Living on a 100 acre property, Marcus used to plow, mulch, remove weeds, fill land and split logs on a daily basis with just his pair of arms and very simple machinery.

After a while, Marcus realised things were getting too tough for him and it was time he invested in an affordable yet practical tractor and implements to carry out his activities.

Following some research, Marcus realised the top brands were over his budget and he needed a good package solution with a smaller price tag.

After hearing about Agrison from friends and discovering that the company offers affordable yet robust tractors, Marcus decided to pay Agrison’s headquarters in Campbellfield a visit.

“It had a lot of stock consisting of a wide range of different models, “he says.

“Everyone appeared open and friendly and willing to answer even the simplest of questions, which made us feel very comfortable.”

Marcus finally settled on Agrison’s 75hp tractor package and various implements including a log splitter and slasher.

He says the fact that the tractor retails for around one-third of the price of what other top brands are offering for a tractor of equivalent size and power is a “big plus”.

All in all, Marcus thinks his purchase has given him great value for money.

“The products are great, but they don’t come with that $80,000 price tag so you cannot expect $80,000 quality in all areas,” he says.

“Agrison is a great company with good hard working people.”